“The Stones of Rome & The Pathos of Hamlet” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Sean Gregory Tansey

2024 January 28

“The Stones of Rome & The Pathos of Hamlet” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Sean Gregory Tansey

Who is Sean Gregory Tansey?

Sean Gregory Tansey is an artist, a fool, and a fool for love. For the most part, he is a fool for love. That is the only explanation as to why he continues to do what he does.

What inspired you to become a Fillmmaker?

My love of acting. When I started out, I held the assumption that the film industry, at the very least, would “let me wet my beak,” if I may steal a line from a great film. Well, my expectations did not exactly manifest as I had envisioned. Nonetheless, I kept on with my craft. And over time, I worked to enhance and nourish my technique in ways that go beyond the immediate obligations of an actor. I studied the art of story, the art of cinematography, the art of editing, poetry, spirituality, and on and on. So when the tools of the filmmaker became available to me, I was ready.

Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the society?

I feel all forms of artistic expression effect and affect society. But cinema is a comprehensive art form. This gives her a very special and powerful dynamic range. Cinema has this unique way of sneaking past an individual’s personal filters and barriers. Great cinema stays with you. If I may steal another line, “to make a very good film is a miracle.”

-What would you change in the world?


Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

Ebb and flow. Devolution, evolution, revolution. For some time now, much of the cinema has devolved. Unless of course you value big explosions and special effects. But out there, somewhere, there are these dungeons. And there are artists in these dungeons. They are bleeding and sweating in there. And they are hungry. And they want to come out. And also out there is this audience. This audience is hungry too. It has a voracious appetite. And so these bloody, sweaty, hungry artists are going to come out. And this audience is going to have them over for dinner. And a sort of quiet evolution is taking place between the two of them. And after this evolution is complete, … well, you know what comes next.