Wild Filmmaker is the first magazine in the World dedicated to the post-cinematographic era in which we are living and where all human beings that have a smartphone can tell a story through images.

With the aid of an internet connection this can become viral and in a time lapse spread on a Universal level.

Until a few decades ago, going to the Circus was considered interesting and even fun, elephant bowing in front of the crowd or the lion playing with a colorful ball like a kitten.

Today, the public opinion is horrified at this behaviour considering the poor elephant and lion victims of men’s pleasures.

All this confirms that Art evolves together with awareness from the audience it is intended. In this historical moment, Cinema is facing an evolution phase that is ongoing.

We are beginning to realize that Cinema, like the Elephant and Lion, have the right to exist freely.

That audience , since 1895 has been silent, but today can express an idea through the moving image and above all, spread it Worldwide.

This evolution will make Cinema richer in content.

Wild Filmmaker loves the history of Cinema.

Wild Filmmaker loves the great directors of the past, from Stanley Kubrick to Federico Fellini.

Wild Filmmaker loves experiences such as Neorealism, The Nouvelle Vague and New Hollywood.

Wild Filmmaker, loves all this, thus wants to give it a new life.

Michele Diomà - Editor in Chief