“Seductive Devotion” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Destin Gerek

2023 October 13

“Seductive Devotion” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Destin Gerek

-Who is Destin Gerek? 

Destin Gerek is an emerging filmmaker, director, author, and sexologist driven by a sense of purpose to positively impact humanity through the power of cinema. Having struggled to find healthy role models growing up, Gerek felt compelled to be part of presenting new paradigms, particularly around masculinity and sexuality. This passion led him to write the book “The Evolved Masculine”, which shares his personal journey of exploring masculine identity, reinventing harmful narratives around manhood, and integrating the masculine and feminine in order to provide insights and an aspirational model of conscious masculinity for men today. It also led him to recently write, produce, and direct his first short film “Seductive Devotion” which explores sacred sexuality and healing through devotional relating.

As a filmmaker, Gerek aims to present new perspectives on relationships and intimacy through emotional storytelling. He believes that film and media have immense power to reprogram society’s associations. Through his cinematic work, he hopes to help heal ancestral wounds around relating and support the empowerment of the feminine. Gerek aims to present relatable models of conscious masculinity, intimacy, and sexuality that inspire people to connect in uplifting ways.

Gerek is eager to nurture the growth of these ideas by distributing his films widely. Overall, Destin Gerek is a multi-faceted creator driven by a sense of purpose and mission to positively impact humanity through various mediums. As a filmmaker, author, and sexologist, he is committed to being part of presenting new models and perspectives that support conscious living and relating. Gerek believes in the immense power of storytelling to gradually seed ideas that can take root and blossom in society’s collective consciousness.

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

My path to filmmaking began with a desire to shift mainstream media’s limiting narratives around intimacy and healthy relating, which had contributed to my own painful relationship patterns growing up.

In my 20s, discovering the world of Tantra and sacred sexuality opened my heart and mind. I was struck by how sex could be an avenue for deep spiritual connection and growth, not just base pleasure. Yet I noticed these powerful concepts were often relegated to esoteric books and workshops, not represented in mainstream film and media. I realized film’s incredible power to subtly seed ideas through emotional storytelling. I wanted to share the messages of sacred sexuality with wider audiences through the alchemy of cinema, and present healthy models of intimacy and relating that are grounded and nurture empathy.

A formative experience was being cast by avant-garde feminist artist Penny Slinger in a film trailer over 15 years ago, based on her Sexual Secrets book. Serving as on-screen talent for this artistic genius, who explored divine feminine themes far ahead of her time, made a deep impact on me.

Although the full film was never made, glimpsing the creative process firsthand inspired me for years, eventually motivating me to direct my first short film, Seductive Devotion, which explores healing intimacy. By nurturing its distribution, I hope to gradually reprogram limiting sexual narratives. I believe cinema can transform perspectives on sex and relating, healing ancestral wounds. Penny showed me film’s potential for impact. My dream is to subtly shift mainstream portrayals toward sacred sexuality and conscious relating, planting seeds that blossom for generations.

-Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the society?

Absolutely. I wholeheartedly believe in film’s power to catalyze societal change on a large scale. Cinema has an unmatched capacity to introduce new ideas and perspectives into the minds of audiences worldwide. The most impactful films leave viewers emotionally affected, with their outlook on life, people, or certain situations forever shifted.

After exiting the theater, the concepts planted by an insightful film continue to ripple outwards, informing conversations, relationships, choices. When these ideas reach millions of minds, real societal change becomes possible.

My goal as a filmmaker is to craft stories that challenge assumptions, expand perspectives, and open hearts. If I can play even a small role in shifting mindsets through cinema, I will feel my purpose has been fulfilled. Every great movement begins with new ideas; film provides a vehicle to spread those ideas far and wide. Rather than preach, cinema can gently nudge humanity’s evolution through the power of story. That catalytic potential is why I believe in film as a change agent so deeply.

-What would you change in the world?

If I could change one thing in the world, it would be expanding our culture’s limited beliefs around sexuality, intimacy and gender. There is so much shame, fear and trauma rooted in those narrow narratives.

I envision a world where sexuality is sacred, intimacy uplifting, and every person free to embrace their full humanity beyond rigid gender expectations. AND where we also rediscover the beauty of healthy masculine and feminine energies.

Too often, masculine and feminine are seen as limiting boxes rather than gifts offering great power for good. We must open space for people to explore the full spectrum of their being AND reclaim the sacred aspects of masculine and feminine connection.

Through cinema, I aim to seed new models showing this balance. Stories revealing healthy masculine expression that uplifts the feminine. And healthy feminine empowerment that inspires men’s highest selves. Models focused on mutual understanding and bringing out our shared best.

If we plant these ideas now, future generations may grow up in a society where sexuality is sacred, intimacy deepened by polarity, and every person empowered to live into their full potential inclusive of both energies. The stories we tell today can midwife that future.

-Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

I imagine the film industry will continue diversifying and becoming more personalized and interactive. Individuals’ ability to create cinematic stories will expand exponentially as AI capabilities merge with human imagination. Talented storytellers who tap into universal themes will still spread impactful narratives worldwide.

If humanity survives the next 100 years, it will be because we’ve evolved our consciousness beyond separation and competition into interconnected oneness. If not, we will have destroyed ourselves through disconnection.

Assuming a more conscious society, I envision filmmakers being highly intentional about using cinema’s power to direct humanity’s growth. What future do we want to create? How can films reflect and shape our consciousness?

In an enlightened age, movies could expand our sense of possibility, helping envision and manifest a better world. Cinema would uplift the human spirit rather than numb it. This gives me hope that film has limitless potential to catalyze our evolution of consciousness, if we use it wisely. The stories we begin telling today can determine our trajectory for the next 100 years and beyond.