REVIEWS Maverick International Film Festival 2024

2024 June 17

REVIEWS Maverick International Film Festival 2024

Not Without Gloves – by Lena Mattsson

The Maverick International Film Festival has watched “Not Without Gloves” by the talented Swedish director Lena Mattsson multiple times, and we admired a project that combines the director’s originality with extraordinary visual impact cinematography. Our jury, which loves Swedish cinema, recognized in “Not Without Gloves” the atmospheres of a context that has inspired directors worldwide. We were very pleased to award a project rich in poetry, which made us immediately understand, from the very first images, that it was made by a director with technical experience and great expressive strength. As always, the WILD FILMMAKER Community reveals filmmakers capable of offering a personal perspective on cinema. At the Maverick International Film Festival, we give a very high rating to projects that don’t resemble others we’ve seen before. In the case of “Not Without Gloves” directed by Lena Mattsson, our expectations were confirmed. The project was awarded the highest score!

Only Eden – by Andrea Plamondon

When the aesthetic choice to use music and video for expression is deeply congenial to a director, a jury immediately perceives they are facing a high-quality music video. This happened when we saw “Only Eden,” a work of art in music and images created by Andrea Plamondon. A poetic and engaging style characterizes Andrea Plamondon’s direction, already awarded in many festivals, including the 8 & Halfilm Awards, elected best indie festival of 2023, which recently “moved” to the WILD FILMMAKER platform! We were thrilled to discover an artist of Andrea Plamondon’s caliber, who confirmed how fascinating it can be to discover independent filmmakers worldwide. Creativity knows no bounds! We will recommend that our associated indie festivals select projects by this unique artist. From the entire team at the Maverick International Film Festival, our best compliments to the director of “Only Eden.”

Heart to Heart – by Bruno Marro

The Italian artist Bruno Marro reminded us of that legendary phrase by Pablo Picasso, when he said that as a child, he could paint like an 80-year-old painter, and as an old man, he had learned to paint like a 5-year-old. A wise lesson from Picasso, which makes us understand how much wisdom is needed to express oneself in an apparently simple style. Bruno Marro, in his beautiful music video “Heart to Heart,” interprets Picasso’s phrase in his own way, creating a fascinating project where music and images initially seem contrasting but then reveal a deep affinity. This international project thrilled us at the Maverick International Film Festival. Once again, WILD FILMMAKER connects us with filmmakers experimenting with new cinematic languages with great success, as well as musicians, in an era where making music is increasingly challenging because the music industry seems more interested in the appearance of singers than in the musical notes they can create with an instrument. From our side, the highest rating for “Heart to Heart” by Bruno Marro.

Omnipotent Resolution – by Uniqueness Heiress & Azia

The Maverick International Film Festival was honored to receive the project “Omnipotent Resolution” from our friends at WILD FILMMAKER, and we immediately decided to give it at least one award. Watching this poetic music video, we noticed how rich it was with original elements, from the choreography to the music and cinematography. That’s why we decided, in full agreement with the entire jury of the Maverick International Film Festival, to award the project multiple awards. All this because “Omnipotent Resolution” directed by Uniqueness Heiress & Azia is a beautiful spiritual as well as artistic journey. When a work of art, besides being captivating, also helps us grow ethically as human beings, we believe the artist has reached their highest goal, and for us at the Maverick International Film Festival, the brilliant Uniqueness Heiress & Azia have achieved this mission!

Halloween (Rabbit Well episode 6) – by I-Jien Kou

When the Maverick International Film Festival team received the project “Halloween (Rabbit Well episode 6),” we knew we would see the work of a director with excellent feedback from the Wild Filmmaker Community, and we were pleased to have our expectations confirmed. The project “Halloween (Rabbit Well episode 6),” directed by the talented and multi-award-winning director I-Jien Kou, perfectly synchronizes animation and documentary in a work that reminded us of Andy Warhol’s Pop Art. Independent cinema is that fascinating context in which an artist like I-Jien Kou can best express themselves, and unlike major studio productions, can achieve an unparalleled form of originality. The Maverick International Film Festival, after multiple viewings of “Halloween (Rabbit Well episode 6),” awarded it the highest score! We will suggest to other international festivals to pay attention to the works of the brilliant I-Jien Kou.

What’s it like to be a nude model, Wonderhussy? – by Michael Mayhan

An experimental director whose creativity we at the Maverick International Film Festival have decided to reward. We were very pleased to discover a director capable of creating a deeply personal documentary that would be impossible to see produced by a major film company. All this makes us understand how important it is for an artist’s freedom of expression to remain independent. Michael Mayhan, with his original and ironic project “What’s it like to be a nude model, Wonderhussy?” made us realize that today, thanks to the network of independent festivals created by the WILD FILMMAKER platform, a director can, first and foremost, have the opportunity to be heard without any prejudice. We at the Maverick International Film Festival unanimously decided to award “What’s it like to be a nude model, Wonderhussy?” for the documentary’s value, but also for the director’s courage to express himself without censorship. Long live free and independent cinema!

Discover Kenya – by Arjav Vyas

Can a documentary dedicated to wild nature become poetry? The best answer can be found by watching “Discover Kenya” directed by the talented Arjav Vyas, a multi-award-winning author, already a winner with his project “Green Zanzibar” at the 8 & Halfilm Awards, elected best indie festival of 2023, which recently “moved” to the WILD FILMMAKER platform! “Discover Kenya” is a journey for those who love Africa, particularly Kenya, but also for those who wish to discover the deep nature of a territory that reminds every human being that we are guests on a wonderful planet, and beyond admiring it, we should always remember to respect it first and foremost. Arjav Vyas’s direction almost blends into nature, becoming one with the wind and colors of Kenya. We at the Maverick International Film Festival watched “Discover Kenya” multiple times and unanimously decided to award it the highest score. Once again, we are deeply grateful to the WILD FILMMAKER Community for giving us the excitement of seeing this beautiful project directed by an exceptionally talented director. We will recommend to all festivals in contact with our team to select the works of Arjav Vyas!