“RAGZI & THE DANSEUSE” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Kevin Michael Irvine

2024 March 18

“RAGZI & THE DANSEUSE” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Kevin Michael Irvine

-How was your project RAGZI & THE DANSEUSE born?

It sad and odd that I wrote the basis for this screenplay when the Soviet Union was still in power. Originally titled THE DANSEUSE, my thinking then that it was commercial in the vein of THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR. It is even more amazing that this story of a renegade ballet dancer and her young husband who defect to the West is currently more immediate than ever, especially in light of Ukraine and latest “elections” in Mother Country. The goal is to make a classic statement about voter suppression, ideologues, and most chilling, the power of money and drugs over Justice and Equity! Adding “Ragzi” to the title I hope adds mystery and the sense of an innocent young, celebrity poet with a conscience who dresses in rags in recognition of less fortunate. I love the idea of a Poet/Protagonist in an action/thriller.

-What goal do you dream of achieving?

“Awareness” stitched to “supreme entertainment” has always been my goal. All worthy projects touch the world in one, inscrutable way, like CASABLANCA. While RAGZI & THE DANSEUSE is in its infancy, it reaches the goal of international cinema to speak to as many as possible.

-Who inspired you to create your project?

Having lived in Europe, it was eye-opening for this American to see and try to understand how other countries deal with their own sins and redemption – for Americans certainly have ours! But, we are one humanity and should find one voice among Chaos. That is RAGZI’s message which gets him in lots of trouble.

-Which awards has your project won?

RAGZI & THE DANSEUSE has won numerous awards including Best Feature Script 8&Halfilm Awards/Cinema Paradiso, London Movie Awards, Paris Film Awards, Cannes World Art Festival, Sweet Democracy Film Awards, Frida Film Awards (Mexico), San Diego Arthouse Fest, Accolade Global Film Awards/Award of Excellence, Finalist Wiki: The World’s Fastest Screenplay Festival, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Grand Prize/New York International Screenwriting Competition, and others. Please see Film Freeway for citations.