“Only Eden” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Andrea Plamondon

2023 August 23

“Only Eden” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Andrea Plamondon

Who is Andrea Plamondon?

I was not always at peace with my aptitudes. Starting out, I received
early acceptance and a full scholarship to Massachusetts College of Art
and Design, but was also told I had a voice that would land me leading
roles in the Metropolitan Opera. Since childhood, I had been involved
in the theater; a highlight of which was playing the ‘Toad’ in A.A.
Milnes’ ‘The Toad of Toad Hall’.
Finding it difficult to choose a collegiate path, I had decided to take a
year off; when an unexpected family tragedy compelled me to set off
“thumbing”, across the US, Canada, and as far north as Inuvik above
the Arctic Circle. Montreal (The Paris of the North) became a favorite
haunt, where I hung out with musicians and jugglers who frequented the
fair grounds of the nascent ‘Cirque Du Soleil’. After many adventures, I
settled in San Francisco, began training operatically, and earned a
Bachelors of Poetics from New College of California. I also fronted a
series of bands ranging from rock to Middle Eastern, and starred in a
local opera.
More recently, one of my collaborations with rapper Terblelos of Ghana
(Dreams) was awarded BWH Music Group’s ‘Best Songs of the Year
2019’, and I was selected for ‘BWH’s 2020 Women to Watch’. In 2022,
’Songs for Forever’ was released, proceeded in Dec. 2021 by the music
video, (and my first foray into film) ’Only Eden’, which has been winning
awards in IMDb qualifying film festivals internationally.

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Since childhood, I have been an avid movie buff, reveling especially in
the glamour and depth of early 35 mm cinema. In 2018, I bought my
first camera, the Black Magic (16 mm) Pocket Cinema camera, a
beautiful little beast. In film, I am able to bring together all my loves;
art, music, writing, directing and acting. You really can’t ask for more
than that.

-Do you think the cinema can bring a change in society?

I think film is deeply personal for both the viewer and the creator, and
touches people on many levels. Like magic it transports to visionary
realms, yet also has the power to plumb the depths of human darkness
and despair. Indeed it is a mechanism for change, but as to what kind of
change, that may well depend upon who is behind the camera.

-What would you change in the world?

Today, we have all but lost the ability to debate controversial ideas
openly without fear of condemnation and ridicule. Perhaps film,
especially independent film, can help bridge that gap, and restore
integrity to our national and global conversation.

Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

I doubt anyone can divine the future direction of film, or of humanity,
but it does seem self evident that AI will play an important role. As to
how much of a role, that will probably depend on who controls the purse
strings. It will be a great loss if technology supplants the primary role of
‘live actors’, just as digital special effects have frequently replaced ‘good
story telling’ in many movies of recent history.