“Monument to Love” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Jacky Comforty

2024 March 11

“Monument to Love” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Jacky Comforty

Who is Jacky Comforty?

Jacky Comforty is an internationally acclaimed independent filmmaker and media creator. He commands multiple genres and has created comedy, documentaries, drama, and multimedia programs for diverse audiences. A visionary media artist and a popular multilingual speaker. Jacky’s directorial work has received prestigious international awards.

Jacky Comforty is an award-winning Multidisciplinary and multilingual filmmaker, author, oral historian and media creator. Specializing in non-intrusive non-scripted documentation of education and socialization. Created his film independently in the United States, Germany, Israel, and Bulgaria. His groundbreaking work is on Inclusive Education and Holocaust Studies.

The Optimists: the survival of the Bulgarian Jews during WWII www.theoptimists.com. Winner of Berlin Festival Peace Prize,  Jewish Experience award in Jerusalem Film Festival, winner of the prestigious CINE award given for In the Shadow of Memory, about intergenerational trauma, and to Through A Glass, Lightly about outsider artists and environment, also winner of The AAM MUSE award.

The Inclusion Series that helped implement inclusive practices in U.S. school districts. One of the videos in the series Step by Step: Heather’s Story was winner of the Chicago International Gold Hugo Award.  www.inclusionseries.com

2. What inspired you to become a Filmmaker?

My father.

3. Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the society?

I think it can help but needs a conssitent work to make sure change continues and progression too. I have done pioneer work of docunmenting inclusive education. Not much is left if the process is stopped and stagnated.  Cahange and any culture need maintanance to survive. ideas need to be refreshed and maintained. film can be a spark, but not a change by itself. I asying this from the ventage point of making 40 years of independent films.

4. What would you change in the world?

I Have engaged in 3 major subject matters : Inclusive education, early childhood education and Holocaust research and documentation and reclaiming the voice of my people. Thes are my small past contributions (not every film maker is a first time filmmaker)

5. Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

I do not care about th efilm industry. I am not an industrialist. I am an independent filmmaker who has paid the price of doing independent work.