Lucia Edwards

2022 August 25

Lucia Edwards

-Who is Lucia Edwards ?

That’s a very interesting question. I guess people are all the  sum of many things, our perception of ourselves and how others see us. You could say we’re all shaped by our environment and  childhood, and perhaps also by  our destiny and purpose to name a few. I’d like to think I’m thoughtful , honest, with the strong sense of humour and super curious.

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker ?

I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. My mum is a writer and I grew up in a very artistic, although academic environment. I was obsessed with observing and telling the truth about human conditions and our own psyche, what makes people who they are . Film and theatre had a huge influence,  saw it as a rather cathartic experience . But I was mainly a dreamer.  All the characters from the literature were very visual to me. So I guess  being focused on the story telling and bringing something from my head to the screen answers your question.

I’ve collaborated on many artistic projetcs , from co-writing to producing and acting.

To name one was” The Power of love “ , directed by Ilmar Taska and eventually put on by The courtyard theatre. It was very exciting  coming up with the concept and plot and then being lucky  premiere it  in the theatre. I felt super blessed Ilmar came on board as a director and a co-producer.

To become a filmaker never came natural to me, until I co-wrote “The red painted shoes”.  Since everything was so live in my imagination, from the interior to the atmosphere , to the lines being delivered, I’ve decided to direct it.

-Do you think a cinema can bring a change in the society?

Cinema has the power to inspire people and people have the power to change themselves, they’re society so yes.

-What would you change in the world ?

I would like the film industry to make timeless films and stop trying to be trendy.

To tell beautiful and moving stories.

-Where do you see the industry going in the next 100 years ?

I think 3D and VR will make more immersive experiences and they will add to cinema, but hopefully add to it, not replace it.