“L’amour est temps de reflets” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Yann Richebourg

2023 September 22

“L’amour est temps de reflets” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Yann Richebourg

-Who is Yann Richebourg?

First of all, personally, a voice that naturally loves to sing (I’m releasing an EP soon as a lyricist-performer), just like expressing oneself as an actor, and acting by creating from this base : that means to sing what and how? What ? Simply what will remain a universal response to our world : love.

How ? I try to translate this popular vibration, in all its forms : in fact a drawing, a painting, a poem, a novel, a photograph, their combination, like a film can in a certain way also sing life, without (or with) music. Even if my first passion is undoubtedly to sing, in its classically heard form, even if I originally chose to be a self-taught photographer (probably out of a sort of comfort because it is “fast” and considered an 8th art), cinema brings together various expressions which surpass each other and no longer remain solitary activities.

In addition to this 2nd short film, Love is time of reflections, I obtained acknowledgement for my poetic production (publication, prizes), various prizes in photography, including a certificate of merit from the Picture Gallery (Pinacothèque in French) of the Museum of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, and published a book of photographic report of theatrical making-of

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Emotion, and the analytical delivery power of cinema through the association of mediums that it brings together (staging of actors, editing of images, sound, narration, etc.). I was influenced and moved, for example, by Dead Poets Society, which contains the pain of a character thwarted by his father in his desire to become a theater actor, and which leads him to the worst… his suicide. Also by also Yentl of Barbra Streisand, score I’ve listened to, before having discovered the movie : this is an osmosis of all of kinds of arts, a musical film of and with a singer, unique, because different from a classic musical comedy.

By Carrington too, about a writer, the fusion between the music of Schubert and Michael Nyman.

Life is plastic, art is one of its truths, the 7th art of cinema is a form of reality – “le cinéma, c’est mieux que la vie” (“cinema is better than life) said François Truffaut -, in which I personally attach a lot of importance to the precision of the framing, to the temporal accuracy of the editing, in short to a specific, I hope original, visual form. Love is a time for reflections is a kind of photography in motion : I don’t necessarily need shots and reverse shots, for example. Its French

title L’amour est temps de reflets is a play on homophone words between “temps” (time) and “tant” (so much), a wave of echoes, through the very words of the voice-over and the images as well as the sound. Life, art, cinema are scenes of a play. I wish to tell stories in a different way. Furthermore, I work at the same time on a form of novel which mixes poetry, prose, and art images (mainly photographs).

The aesthetics of Jeremiah Johnson, of 2001 Space Odyssey (he began as a photographer, we see it in the precision of his frames), or of Gattaca has not aged a bit. I’m also attached to the stories, to the humanity of the characters as in Edward Scissorhands, Blue Jasmine, Million Dollar Baby. Just like at the inventiveness present in Django Unchained, or The Babysitter (1 and 2) by McG.

-Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the society?

The camera is a 2nd hand to write.

Yes, it can or may re-write sometimes some social phenomena by awakening consciences, even politically. Does any art change life ? Or is it simply a way to better live ? If we remember Malcolm X, I guess it is a trace which can impact individuals, hence acting on a part of the society. Step by step, are political choices more effective…? In 2023, I guess we know more than ever we haven’t found yet any global solution.

-What would you change in the world?

Hypocrisy, but it is a part of human being – not to be always honest -, truth, and maybe even hope, seem to belong to the world of children. Remember this song Children will listen from Into The Woods : “care of before you tell”… Listen to… you, to the one you were, to the one you can still bring to be, listen to you and other lifes too : life is this balance. Keep faith, trust yourself and others. Trust the story of life(s).

-Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

Unfortunately, in a poorer way like photography since around 2000 : quantity, a certain standardization of the forms, as well as comments predominate over substance. We may be losing some efficiency, and access to rich, dense and complex meaning, although it might still appear in less prolific and more concentrated forms (not necessarily in series), or in small ways with low means.