“Great success for the 8 & Halfilm Awards in Dubai.” (EXCLUSIVE) by Michele Diomà

2023 February 26

“Great success for the 8 & Halfilm Awards in Dubai.” (EXCLUSIVE) by Michele Diomà

There are works in the career of a human being that change his life forever. Those works mark a before and an after. Marlon Brando was no longer just an actor after being Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now in 1979. His image became immortal, like a character in a painting by Caravaggio.

We can say the same thing about Muhammad Ali, who entered history with the title “The Rumble in the Jungle” after the match held on October 30th, 1974, in Kinshasa, Zaire (now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo). That night Ali became a legend.

It was no different for Sofia Loren when she won the Oscar for her starring role in ‘La Ciociara’ directed by Vittorio De Sica, in 1962. From that day, she was no longer an actress but the symbol of a historical era trying to redeem itself after the sufferings of World War II.

I wanted to remember the story of these great personalities because February 2023 was a month that could definitely change independent cinema forever.

The 8 & Halfilm Awards and the special Event in Dubai reached a milestone unthinkable until a few years ago. It confirms that cinema can be an art form even if produced outside the Studios or the big Major Companies. With a Community of over 10,000 Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Actors, Cinematographers, Producers, etc. The 8 & Halfilm Awards has become one of the world leading independent film festivals.

The credit of this success goes to the enthusiasm of the team that in 2017 designed a festival dedicated to Federico Fellini. But the real protagonists of this victory are the artists who have believed in us.

After the success in Dubai we are pleased to announce that we will soon bring your work to Berlin in a new Special Event of the 8 & Halfilm Awards.

A Long live the imagination and the artists who express it freely.

Thank you so much:

Whitney Hamilton

Terry Podnar

Theo Eifrig

Jan Schmicker

Silvano Perozic

 Michael John Chase

 Andrew Winegarner

Camille DeBiase

Michelle Lynn

 Mark Stas

 Artie Romero

 Edward Holub

 Kathleen Renee Krenitsky

 Russell Emanuel

Jaymz Bee

Aleš Urbanczik

Grzegorz Oleksa

Matthew Toffolo

Pamela Perry Goulardt

Rosie Malek-Yonan

Monica Malek-Yonan

Abraham Lopez

Shihyun Wang

Bruce Robert Notman

Michael B. MacDonald

 Joe Boi

Dan Burle

Zsolt Pozsgai

Eissa Annam

Milind R Lanjewar

Andrea Jean Plamondon

Merli V. Guerra

Ryan Chong-Huang

James Matthew Storm

Jim Norman

Giacomo Giammatteo

Jamie Sutliff

Phil Kwarta

Rich Henkels

Paul Schwartz

Irénée Rostan

Harold L. Brown

John Michael Castagna

Nicolas Maffre

Joseph Stephen Meadows

Joe Territo

Kostiantyn Mishchenko

Matt Elliott

John Alden

Ryosuke Handa

Eugene E~NRG

Rock Wilk

Mark Gould

Gina Cunningham

Walid Salhab

Nick Muhlbach

Troubadour Films

Carla Di Bonito

Fernanda Peviani

Simon James Blackburn

Robert Arnold Coles

Bartley McSwine

Bruce Hickey

Casey Mensing

Ken Kimmelman

Mick Carlon

Jay Pennington

Gerry Olert

Katy Chance

Dylan Brody

Marwah Ghazi

Jacek Krawczyk

Jeremy Stork

Zeff Lawless

Andrew Kopacz

Miguel Raymond

Aaron J Falvey

Tony Villani

Alessandro Della Villa

 Alessandro Moscatt

Atsuhiko Watanabe

Moreno Fuentes

Colin Denhart

Negash Abdurahman

Andrew Cahill-Lloyd

Alain Rimbert

James Thomas

Danny Manor –

Takaaki Watanabe

Brian Whisenant

Joe Starzyk

Paula Rossman

Jean-François Boydens

Frank Lehmann

Emilie Nyman

Ola Wallinder

Laura Burnett

María Yolanda Brown Melián

Kevin Ramos Fernández

Gary Beeber

Michael Lasoff

David Adamko

A.P. Gonzalez

Mireille Fiévet

Damian Matyasik

Urszula Nawrot

Patricia Coates

Avery Fane

Thomas Ma

Laurence Fortin Gagnon

Pat Mitchell

Tatiana Edel

Shamil Yaveroghlu Aliyev

Tom S Taylor

Joergen Erik Assentoft

John Handem Piette

Laurent Combaz

Slawek Zalewski

Jeffrey Richards

Joseph Anthony Francis

Charlotte Brown

Lara St John

Nils Agdler

Vasco Diogo

Daniel Patrick Basso Quinn

Rosa Coutinho Cabral

Henk Pringels

Peter Gartner 

Johnny Vonneumann

Tom Gruenberg

Frances Barth

Jose Domingo

Emiliano Leone

Brandon Bruce Olivaux

Haris Samar

Emma Balcazar

Courtney Adkisson

Daniel Vossen

Kathy Moore

Tyler Waters

Shelley Brzak

 Rupal Ginoya

Lisa Gray

Isaac Lawrence

Silvano Plank

Marty Roberts

Jimmy Womble

Stefan Teofilovic

Cat White

Phoebe Torrance