From The Heart Of Toronto International Film Festival (EXCLUSIVE) By Kevin Huhn

2022 September 13

From The Heart Of Toronto International Film Festival (EXCLUSIVE) By Kevin Huhn

For the first time since 2019, the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is in person and welcoming the world with film premieres, information sessions, networking opportunities and fanfare.

The city of Toronto has come alive with streets blocked off and the theatre district filled with visitors from international, national, regional and local marketplaces. As co-founders of MARKD Productions we (Matt, Alex, Robert and Kevin) had the opportunity to be in the heart of the event.

If you are a filmmaker or “wannabe” filmmaker this is arguably one of the best festivals to be at. Sure, like other festivals the stars come out and films are played in theatres… but TIFF offers a little bit more.

A) It lends itself to business getting done with buyers and sellers of all genres.

B) It provides networking opportunities that country representatives can share their value and incentives to filming their.

C) They put on industry info sessions that bring leading authorities to panel discussions who share best practices, tips and stories from around the world.

Here is where TIFF is a little bit more.

Did you know Toronto, Ontario, Canada is one of the most unique cities that offer multilingualism, exceptional financial benefits and numerous studio square footage for filming.

It is where filmmakers come to shoot their productions.

Our participation so far has allowed us to watch the coming-of-age world premiere of “Soft”, directed by Joseph Amenta (feature film debut). And, of course, we stopped at the red carpet. To our surprise we saw Viola Davis and John Boyega (The Woman King), Jennifer Lawrence (Causeway), Kathryn Hahn and Kate Hudson (Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery). The industry sessions allowed us to listen to panelists Ram Bergman (Producer – Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery) Uri Singer (Producer – White Noise) and Nicole Brown (President – TriStar) share tips and insights about what they look for in a production. Telefilm Canada put on a panel discussing the evolving eligibility criteria and decision-making process to access funds for film productions.

Visually, TIFF is so inviting with streets blocked off and local vendors offering special fan appreciation items. If you are wondering about the basics, food and accommodations is all around the theatre district.

You can see everything here at TIFF. It is made for all level of filmmakers.

ABOUT MARKD Productions

In 2021, founders Matt Worthington, Alex Belke, Robert Smith, Kevin Huhn & Diego Aldana met at Toronto Film School in the Film Production program. In a matter of a few weeks, they recognized each other’s talents and shortly thereafter started MARKD Productions. Their energy and passions ignited and ideas began to flow. In 2022, they started to take their work to the outside world. Teen Across Canada (a short documentary film) gained recognition winning and being selected at international festivals. Their success is built on the foundation of excellent work.