EXCLUSIVE REVIEWS Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards

2024 June 7

EXCLUSIVE REVIEWS Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards

The Dead Ringer by Suzanne Lutas

“The Dead Ringer” is a screenplay of extraordinary originality. The characters are all developed with a style reminiscent of the great tradition of Hollywood screenwriters from the 1950s, although Suzanne Lutas has created a very modern type of screenplay. We believe that “The Dead Ringer” could one day also become a film. The screenwriter’s creativity is a guarantee of quality. We are confident that the project, accompanied by a good Film Pitch Deck, will attract the interest of various productions and distributors. We invite Suzanne Lutas to continue her journey of distributing “The Dead Ringer” at independent festivals around the world, striving to introduce her ideas to a very wide audience. Our assessment of the screenplay is genuinely positive, and we strongly believe that Suzanne will become an increasingly successful screenwriter.

Halloween (Rabbit Well episode 6) by I-Jien Kou

Rarely have animation and comedy coexisted in a single project with the same originality as “Halloween (Rabbit Well episode 6)” by I-Jien Kou. The director has managed to experiment with an ironic style, which has resulted in a highly successful short movie at independent festivals. We at the Newyorker Critic’s Choice Awards team have given the highest marks to “Halloween (Rabbit Well episode 6)” because we consider humor the highest form of human intelligence and a value to preserve when writing a film. It is no coincidence that the scientist Albert Einstein had great admiration for Charlie Chaplin. We wish I-Jien Kou the best success at festivals around the world and are confident that her career as an independent filmmaker will continue to grow!

The Girl Made of Earth and Water by Pamela PerryGoulardt

Creativity should have no limits, and not all artists in our world manage to apply this simple rule. However, we at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards can affirm that “The Girl Made of Earth and Water” by Pamela PerryGoulardt is an extraordinary project born from the mind and heart of an artist who places no limits on her creativity. The author has managed to apply all the key principles for creating a good independent project. The result is that even through a trailer or teaser, one can grasp the quality of a director. Our belief is that Pamela PerryGoulardt, through her works, is making a significant contribution to the creation of an independent cinema that often proves to be much bolder than Hollywood productions. We admire Pamela PerryGoulardt’s journey and look forward to new works inspired by her creativity.

Omnipotent Resolution by Uniqueness Heiress & Azia

Can a music video be pure poetry? This question is answered by “Omnipotent Resolution” by Uniqueness Heiress & Azia! A project that, through music and dance, offers the viewer an emotional spiritual journey. If it is true that music is a universal language, “Omnipotent Resolution” provides the world with the opportunity to discover how we are all children of the same mother. We at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards see in the project a beautiful message of peace for humanity. Our opinion is that today, art is too often merely an industrial product, like merchandise to be sold to someone, and a project like “Omnipotent Resolution” offers hope for all artists who have decided to express themselves without betraying their freedom. A project that benefits both cinema and the Universe. Our evaluation of the work of Uniqueness Heiress & Azia is the highest our jury can give! We invite these two artists to spread their beautiful souls throughout the world through their artworks!

The Stones of Rome by Sean Gregory Tansey

Sean Gregory Tansey is an artist of extraordinary creativity. All of us at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards were reminded of a modern Buster Keaton. Beyond the physical resemblance to the great silent film actor, Sean Gregory Tansey shares the same poetic gaze. Additionally, in the project “The Stones of Rome,” Sean Gregory Tansey showcases all his exceptional qualities as an actor. We view the project as a cultured and refined work, offering the audience a very original perspective on the great William Shakespeare. It is never easy to create an original project starting from the great English poet, given that millions of actors have interpreted him for centuries, but this challenging feat has been achieved by Sean Gregory Tansey. Our assessment of “The Stones of Rome” is very positive, and we appreciated Sean Gregory Tansey’s ability to fulfill all roles. We are grateful to the WILD FILMMAKER platform for introducing us to this talented Greek-American actor-director, and we will recommend him to all the productions we are in contact with.

The Pathos of Hamlet by Sean Gregory Tansey

In the project “The Pathos of Hamlet,” the director reaffirms all the qualities expressed in “The Stones of Rome.” In this case, the direction involved greater experimentation, which we at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards found to be very original. It is not easy for an actor to construct a short film while always being in front of the camera; the audience might lose attention if the acting is not engaging even for a few seconds. However, Sean Gregory Tansey manages to keep the “PATHOS” alive, and our only desire at the end of the short film was to continue watching and listening to Sean Gregory Tansey. The victories of both projects directed by Sean Gregory Tansey at indie festivals worldwide are undoubtedly well-deserved. We look forward to discovering new projects written and directed by this excellent artist!

Say My Name written and produced by Mel Baker, directed by Rhoyce Nova

“Say My Name” has received one of the highest ratings from the juries of the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards. We appreciated both the cinematography and the screenplay written by Mel Baker in this short movie directed by Rhoyce Nova. “Say My Name” is a drama of high aesthetic value, with a screenplay concept that reveals an independent film team ready to transition to feature films. The cast introduces the world to young Australian actors Quinn Alice, James Ryan, and Jarrah Webster, who demonstrate great experience in front of the camera despite their young age. We at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards are grateful to the WILD FILMMAKER platform for bringing this small cinematic gem, “Say My Name,” to our attention. We encourage the courageous and inspired screenwriter Mel Baker to continue her journey, and we are confident that we will continue to hear good things about her work.

Night Terror 2 The Awakening by David Duke

The horror genre has profoundly influenced the cinephiles of the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards, which is why we were thrilled to discover “Night Terror 2 The Awakening.” It is always challenging to find an author capable of interpreting this widely popular genre in a personal and original way. David Duke’s talent is immediately recognizable from the first frames of “Night Terror 2 The Awakening.” We are certain that the horror genre can still reveal new talents to the film industry, and for us at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards, director David Duke is at the top of the list. Both the screenplay and the cinematography of “Night Terror 2 The Awakening” confirm our highly positive judgment regarding David Duke’s abilities. For those of us who have loved the cinema of established authors like Dario Argento, it is a pleasure to say that David Duke has given us a great thrill!

Luzinete by Carla Di Bonito

Director Carla Di Bonito’s “Luzinete” is a poetic drama reminiscent of the best works of Pedro Almodóvar. We at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards have viewed this short movie as both a personal and universal story that moved us deeply. The screenplay and the direction of the actors are two strong points of the “Luzinete” project, and we are convinced that director Carla Di Bonito is also ready to make a feature film. We also greatly appreciated the cinematography of “Luzinete,” which confirmed the project’s very ambitious artistic identity. We fully endorse the long list of awards this work has won. Tackling an existential drama within a film project is always a challenging mission, and in our opinion, Carla Di Bonito has splendidly achieved her goal. We look forward to seeing new works directed by Carla Di Bonito, a director whose multicultural background as a Brazilian transplanted to the United Kingdom we greatly admire. We will recommend that all festival selectors on our team closely observe the projects directed by Carla Di Bonito.

Entangled by Damiano Rossi

“Entangled” has been viewed multiple times by the two international juries of the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards, and we all agree in defining this experimental project directed by Italian director Damiano Rossi as “a poetic journey into the yet-to-be-revealed secrets of cinema.” “Entangled” confirms the importance of critical attention to independent cinema, as films produced outside the major industries often allow for total expressive freedom. Damiano Rossi is a director with great maturity in his work, and with a simple and effective style, he manages to speak to the heart of the viewer in just a few minutes. We are truly delighted that the WILD FILMMAKER platform revealed “Entangled” to us, as it is an extremely original project that we would never have been able to see without WILD FILMMAKER’s distribution. We wish Damiano Rossi continued creativity, as independent cinema needs intelligent artists like him.

Sinestesìa by Gianni Salamone

The juries of the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards were thrilled to see “Sinestesìa,” and the project received the highest ratings. In just a few minutes, Italian director Gianni Salamone managed to transform a music video into an avant-garde work of art, where all the arts are present in original harmony. The cinematography, in particular, was highly appreciated, and we are convinced that Gianni Salamone will increasingly be recognized as an artist with unmistakable inspiration. In the international distribution circuit of independent festivals, directors like Gianni Salamone can still revolutionize cinematic language without losing the poetry of great cinema. Once again, we are delighted that the WILD FILMMAKER platform introduced us to a project like “Sinestesìa,” which we at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards will recommend to all major arthouse events.

Casting film Yousef Shahen by Mahmoud Mahmoud

The first thing that stands out when watching “Casting film Yousef Shahen” is the great passion that director Mahmoud Mahmoud has for the rich history of cinema. The team at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards was enthusiastic from the first private screening of “Casting film Yousef Shahen,” where one can perceive many sources of inspiration drawn from Federico Fellini’s cinema. It is always a great opportunity for us independent critics to see works that come from faraway places, as they often tell us something about our subconscious and the cinema history we love, just like Mahmoud Mahmoud, which is why we have decided to dedicate much of our lives to independent cinema. We are happy that the WILD FILMMAKER platform can involve selected authors from all over the world in its events, making our work even more enjoyable when we have the chance to see works like “Casting film Yousef Shahen.” We appreciated both the originality of the screenplay and the excellent cast directed by the talented and promising Mahmoud Mahmoud.

To Outwit the Fate written by Katarzyna Adamus

Often, a book can be like a wise friend that tells you a story and also reveals something about yourself. When this happens, discovering a new author is always a pleasure. For us at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards, reading Katarzyna Adamus’s book was a fantastic experience. We are always very happy when the WILD FILMMAKER platform introduces us to independent directors and also suggests books for us to read. Cinema and literature are inevitably connected, and Katarzyna Adamus understands this well, as she is also the director of the original super short film “Skeleton,” which was selected by the prestigious 8 & Halfilm Awards in 2022. We believe that the book “To Outwit the Fate,” in the hands of a skilled indie producer, could also become an excellent film. We at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards have given “To Outwit the Fate” the highest rating.

Not Without Gloves by Lena Mattsson

Great authors like Andrei Tarkovsky teach us that cinema can also be a beautiful journey into a poetic world. We at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards firmly believe this, which is why, upon watching “Not Without Gloves,” we immediately knew we were in front of a work we would award. Director Lena Mattsson, with grace and elegance, has created a project that anyone who loves great cinema would never tire of watching and rewatching. Our extensive experience allows us to say without a doubt that Lena Mattsson is ready to make the transition to feature films. It will be important for her to maintain this style even in higher-budget films, as we found a personal style in her work that will surely win the positive reception of international critics. We can say that the project “Not Without Gloves” fits perfectly with the style of the WILD FILMMAKER platform, which, unlike all other festival platforms in the world, prioritizes the value of a director’s poetry and freedom of expression. We will recommend all critics in our Community to watch “Not Without Gloves” and showcase it to the public as a perfect example of what independent cinema can be.

Paradox by Robin Hunt

Robin Hunt is a director of extraordinary talent, having successfully combined two seemingly distant genres—SCI-FI and ROMANCE—into a single short film, “PARADOX.” The director shows great skill in guiding the actors, and “PARADOX” features cinematography that immediately signaled to us at the Newyorker Indie Critic’s Choice Awards that we were witnessing a work of high professional value. We had no hesitation in unanimously awarding the project our highest ratings. Moreover, we believe that the screenplay idea of “PARADOX” has the potential to be expanded into a feature film. We are confident that Robin Hunt, with the support of a co-production or a platform like WILD FILMMAKER, will find ways to continue his filmmaking career, achieving even greater success. We are always delighted when we can perform our critical and evaluative work on a cinematic project by watching outstanding works destined to grow. “PARADOX,” directed and produced by Robin Hunt and starring the excellent Amanda Troisi, was a delightful surprise!