(EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Mary Laura Santonocito

2023 January 8

(EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Mary Laura Santonocito

-Who is Mary Laura Santonocito?

I was born in London from Italian parents and have been fond of Cinema for all my life. I worked as a   Sale   Manager   but   carried   along   my  lifetime   passion  which  is  for   writing,   books,   poems   but preferably Screenwriting for Cinema. I have achieved some interesting results either in Italy but also in the USA and this gives me the strive to continue to pursue my dreams.

– What inspired you to become a screenwriter?

I  have   always   loved   movies   but   the   turning   point   was   some   years   ago   when   I   attended   a Screenwriting course in Florence and the passion in which my mentor put on explaining the art of writing movies made me want to be part of that world.

– Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the society?

Yes indeed, cinema has a strong responsibility especially among young people which by going to the   cinema   are   influenced   by   what   they   see   and   hear.   Thus   more   and   more   producers  are becoming sensitive to what they choose to bring on the screen and this is very positive that is why we must attract ever more young people to the cinema.

– What would you change in the world?

Well there are many things to change in the world but concerning cinema I believe that being considered as an Art it should be studied more at school bringing the new generations to fall in love with it.

-Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

I believe that cinema as we know it will no longer exist in 100 years, I mean I don’t think there will be movie theaters where people will gather, instead they will have a visual screen device on their heads that will enable then to see all the films they want at home on their couches. For this reason the film industry will still be needed but of course the subjects covered will be different than nowdays.