“Dubai – What is the future?” (EXCLUSIVE) by Michele Diomà

2023 February 21

“Dubai – What is the future?” (EXCLUSIVE) by Michele Diomà

What is the future?

Surely, the future is not a philosophical concept but an instinct.

Also, animals have their interpretation of the future, which is often crucial for their survival.

For many writers and filmmakers, the future has always represented something fascinating to tell.

I am a cinephile and when I hear the word “future” I immediately think about  Georges Méliès…

I’m here today in front of the Museum of the Future in Dubai trying to understand if what I’ve been thinking about the connection between Cinema and the Future is true or not.

There is no other form of art that has the same connection as cinema has with the Future.

That’s why since cinema started looking at the past has stopped being the protagonist of art and communication. Today, cinema copies itself too often.

And why should I watch a remake of a movie made more than 70 years ago by Orson Welles, but without Orson Welles?

Perhaps one day they will invent a creativity pill for directors.

Directors will take it before writing a script and will forget all the movies they once loved. When this pill will exist it will be a new beginning in the history of cinema, which will return to dance to the sound of the future.