Damiano Rossi (EXCLUSIVE) Interview FFFestival Winner

2023 October 9

Damiano Rossi (EXCLUSIVE) Interview FFFestival Winner

My name is Damiano Rossi, I have always lived in a splendid town called Sarcedo in the province of Vicenza, Italy.

I made my first short film entitled TALITA l’abandonment in the summer of 2019, which was followed by LACRIME DI VENTO in 2020, then SMELL OF PAIN-T in 2022 and then Lil in 2023. I’m currently working on two other projects that will see the light at the end of the year or perhaps next year.

They are very different works, both in terms of weaving of images and in terms of approach, but always with the female figure at the center with all its implications and difficulties of fitting into a world that is often discriminatory and of abysmal stupidity. In my opinion, interpersonal relationships have taken on a downward inclination that is now unstoppable and decidedly incomprehensible and if one wanted to analyze the causes without a sufficiently deep conscience one would end up doing pure academic disquisition, completely useless and sterile.

Defining myself as a director would not be correct as I have never attended a directing school nor have I taken courses even at an amateur level. I simply try to put together the images, sounds and concepts that buzz in my head so that everything is harmonious and fluid (I have always been helped in this by Michele Guazzo who takes care of the technical part of editing and sound design and the whose help is indispensable to me). I prefer to convey concepts rather than narratives in my films because in my opinion simply transposing a story or novella directly onto film, perhaps making use of endless dialogues and explanations, doesn’t make much sense.

Cinema, in my opinion, should basically be image, then sound and then dialogue. I believe that for a long time now we have been going in the opposite direction, or in search of grotesque superheroes, although I would like to say, a lot of independent cinema presents truly extraordinary works.

I’ve gone on too long.

Thank you for your patience and availability.