“Cosmic Light” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Anaya Kunst

2024 March 18

“Cosmic Light” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Anaya Kunst

-How was your project Cosmic Light born?

Cosmic Light – my project is about Sun  life and evolution as well as the need for peaceful coexistence in the cosmos with beings from other galaxies. With the solar flashes, the evolution and transformation of Earth today, the idea took shape for this project. 

-What goal do you dream of achieving?

In these troubled times we live in, there is a real need for taking the listener above the common vibrations, which helps them to rise up to their full potential and “Transcendence“ is a wonderful way to do that. This soundtrack and video continually come back with the transcendence subject, to elevate your vibrations, to hold your Soul in Love, offering it up for your enjoyment and solace. A series of experiences with the moon, the sun and the cosmic light are bringing awareness and transcendence to this world, a new 5th dimension of the universe.

-Who inspired you to create your project?

all comes from my Inner Being and my Soul. And I have a wonderful team that translates my dreams. I compose the soundtrack, and do a draft for images and Pedro Tavares works with me in sound design and Marcio Alves works with me in image design. I do a lot of filming also.And I have a very critical consultant that gives her insights about the project:Suzanne Doucet.

-Which awards has your project won?

Award winner for Best Original music, best composer, best score soundtrack, best woman filmmaker, best producer, best music video, best original poetic song, best music video and best original score. All my projects are now available in 33 countries, spreading love and the 5th Dimension vibrations.