“Chat Room” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Sabrina Monno

2023 September 29

“Chat Room” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Sabrina Monno

-Who is Sabrina Monno?

That’s quite a question. I’m just a curious girl from south Italy (Puglia). I am an observer, trying to capture all the nuances of reality. reality is the greatest film we will ever see. That is why I am constantly trying to create projects that can reflect it.

-What Inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Cinema has always been a staple in the family. However, when I think of cinema, a specific moment always comes to mind. I was lucky enough to have a teacher in elementary school who never considered children too young to discover certain things. Thanks to her I saw Rome, Open City for the first time. At that moment I felt like I was inside a romantic comedy, at the instant when the protagonist meets her great love.

-Do you think that cinema can bring a change in the society?

Yes, cinema could change society. Multimedia is the most powerful tool we have nowadays. For better or worse, cinema can influence the masses like few other art forms. In order to effect real change, however, cinema, which is part of society, would almost have to detach itself from it. Detach itself in order to have a complete and objective overview. In this way, cinema could really give viewers a unique view of what surrounds us and perhaps, thus it could push people to change their lives and society itself.

-What would you change in the world?

I would try to get people to listen to each other more. Today we are all absorbed in our personal commitments or our ghosts. At the same time, we impose on ourselves to show others the best and winning version of ourselves. I would probably invite people to wear a sign that says “look closer” like the well-known sign that appears in the movie American Beauty.

-Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

Tough question. Cinema is changing fast, sometimes with blind haste. The only common thread remains the desire to tell stories. Probably in 100 years cinema will no longer be seen as an experience related to sharing. I am particularly referring to the experience of the movie theater. There will be more technologies, some roles may be replaced by special softwares. In this more technological and, perhaps, more lonely future, I hope that that famous red thread will always remain: let’s remember that we are here to tell stories and to create closeness between us human beings.