Cèlia Novis

2022 August 16

Cèlia Novis

Who is Cèlia Novis?

I am passionate about storytelling, nature and music.
In recent years I have written, directed and produced 3
documentary films, which have given me experience, great
colleagues and some awards. Besides, I have written several
more scripts, in this case, for fiction. I am looking
forward to finding production to direct my first fiction
feature film soon.

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

What led me to become a filmmaker is my interest in telling
stories that people can identify with. I think we are full
of stories: the ones we live, the ones we are told, the
ones we read. And movies are a wonderful way to connect
various arts that I love (such as literature and music) in
order to put them at the service of stories, characters,
emotions. In truth, cinema is more powerful than we
If we think about the global pandemic that we have just
suffered, in the end everyone, no matter the place we’re
from, ended up taking refuge in stories, in one way or
another, in order to cope with isolation and uncertainty
a little better.

Do you think the cinema can bring a change in the

Yes, as I said before, cinema is a powerful weapon to
think, consider situations, change your mind, empathize,
get to know other cultures and, thanks to that, realize
that in the end, in the most essential things, all human
beings are very alike and we look for similar things to
feel better. It doesn’t matter if you were born in India,
Italy, USA or Spain, to mention a few places. Therefore,
through movies we can generate a change, as do writers,
doctors, scientists or environmental activists.

– What would you change in the world?

Without a doubt, one of the issues that worries me the most
is climate change. I think it is the biggest problem that
humanity has and it is our great failure as a species.
We have believed that the world and its resources belonged to
us, that we are not part of a whole, with the rest of the
animals and species. Therefore, we are irreversibly
destroying a beautiful place.

It is incredible that we are able to create things as
beautiful as movies or music and have so much destructive
power as well.
It also drives me crazy injustices and inequalities. And
that it is so easy for some people to do evil without being

Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100

I am not sure. I believe that the platforms are very
important and allow us a greater offer to choose from,
while creating many more jobs in our industry.
But I would not like at all that the cinemas disappeared.
The experience of going to the cinema, of enjoying a
collective moment, in complete darkness, without cuts as if
it were a dream, with a good screen and sound, is an
experience that generations within 100 years should
definitely live.
That is how I fell in love with this art. For me it is a
total dream experience, it is very exciting and there is no
enough comfortable place in any house that can compare to
the experience of stopping your life for a couple of hours
to live a dream in a place built by and for it.