“Aquí, quien no corre, vuela” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Gairah Praskovia

2023 February 23

“Aquí, quien no corre, vuela” (EXCLUSIVE) Interview with Gairah Praskovia

-Who is Gairah Praskovia?

I am a set of atoms and molecules who was born in the 1995, in Ferrol at The North West Spanish coast, the Atlantic ocean by her side. I do whatever I can to do a produce what I wants. Was working in the sex industry only to follow her dreams: work as a free worker inside the illustration animation world. ¿They never asked you what you would be willing to do to achieve your goals? It never was easy, but, there is a old Spanish quote that says: <<“Aquí, quien no corre, vuela” >>. A possibility to translate might be: <<You snooze, you lose.>> That’s a common saying they use to say you better get on it and get to that opportunity quickly, otherwise you will miss out.

-What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Sincerely, first my bravery to grow up as animator (even I was expelled from the animation school. That is a funny story in my career). And also to give live to my illustrations, because I started as illustrator and worked as it for some years. I have some mental issues that is so difficult to explain with words, so since years I drew them and now I animate them. Right now I am working on a very deeply and hard animation film to show how people with these issues suffer in them inner world.

-Do you think the cinema can bring a change in society?

Yes, cinema can change the vision of the world of a generation, which is perhaps why, and in my opinion, more political cinema should be made. Films can make marginalized and stigmatized sectors feel included. Talking about other realities, giving opportunities to people who practically have no voice in film culture. Bet on independent productions, put aside the giant Hollywood and see what other people, other cultures, other dissidents have to say.

-What would you change in the world?

Just one thing or several? No one person would be illegal and equal rights to everyone. And in this I think it is better that I do not say much more, since I just stepping on my country flag, Spain, I now have criminal record as a terrorist. Although it sounds utopian, I would like a slight change to be made in the primary and compulsory education systems where, in my opinion, they should teach emotional management, learning to identify the feelings of oneself and others. Perhaps the most basic thing to be able to have the tools and know how to take care of ownself and heal ownself from a traumatic moment, as they teach us to heal a physical wound without having too much knowledge in medicine.

– Where do you see the film industry going in the next 100 years?

I guess cinema little by little and as we can already see in large fiction productions, is the link with new technologies. Being able to develop unimaginable worlds thanks to software and people who work on its programming and Artificial Intelligence and Virtual or Augmented Realities. Some of the big streaming platforms can be found in the Metaverse with the Oculus glasses. From my greatest ignorance, since I have had these glasses for a short time and I use them only to draw, if there are or were 360º films to leave the flat screen and be able to be part of the film’s history, almost like a video game.